I am going to be the woman my Mother didn’t teach me to be.

I am going to be the woman my Grandmother tried to make me be.

I am going to be the woman my Aunts helped mold with their strong belief in me.

I am going to be the woman  my Sisters can aspire to be.

I am going to be the woman  my Friends admire.

I am going to be the woman my Husband will cherish.

I am going to be the woman my Children will honor.

I am going to be the woman I’m destined to be.

I’m going to be the woman I chose to be: the Mother of two teenage girls.

Who is the woman you were destined to be???


Hello Guys!!!!!

It’s been months since I last picked up a pen and wrote. I have neglected the blog and you guys, because a lot has happen in this world of mine. I would like to share some new experiences, motivations, and open with a special and very personal change that has manifested in my life listed under Pieces of Writing. Enjoy!!

To Whom It May Concern:

It’s kind of hard to become free from a habit

It’s even harder to break someone out the norm

There’s no right or wrong

It may seem as if I have changed

But, it simply means I have stopped living my life your way.

Yes I am “alive.”

No, I’m neither “hiding” nor “running.”

I’m at a different space,

Which I would like to explore, if that’s ok with you!?

I hope you find it within you

To forgive me.

Forgive me for what I have no fault in….

CHANGE is inevitable.


When you loose your self- confidence, it’s not an easy thing to get back.

But when you are completely surrounded by it, there’s no way you can hold back.

When you have so much positive energy floating around you, don’t know which to grab.

Just like a kid at the candy store.

It is in that moment that all yours dreams are possible.

Your WILL, your DESIRE for LIFE itself, takes over you.

You arrive at a space where you feel that you could do nothing more, but smile with immense pride.

Yes. To the point where at that moment, you are living in the present and everything else is on HOLD.

Take control.

Sometimes, we think someone knows us well enough to be suited to decide our fate.

But usually, a hundred percent of the time we already know what we want.

We should also know that no one else is more qualified on the subject of us than ourselves.

So why search for someone else’s approval??

Take control of your life and be confident in what you know is best for YOU!


Sometimes we GET opportunities and don’t know how to GRASP  them. Don’t let it be your case. 


Don’t allow yourself to get so consumed in someone else’s life that you forget your own.
Remember We’re all an Individual before we become a couple!


Don’t be fooled….

Looks are deceiving,  we all know everything that glitters ain’t gold so lets look deeper!


You are aiming for a direction!?

I’m not here to change your mind, instead its to help you get there.

I got your back!

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