I created this blog because I believe that we all more or less have the same story, just told differently.

Too often though, we’re not able to share those stories and help each other because we’re either afraid to express ourselves honestly, or there is no forum for us to do so. My hope is that this blog can be a space where we can all share our THOUGHTS, our STORIES, our LESSONS and our PERSPECTIVES.

I want to inspire you through my own writing, but I also want to encourage you to write and help to inspire others. Whether it’s by bringing a smile to a sad face, shedding light on a dark situation, offering a point of view that causes someone to look at things from a different angle, or by freeing your own spirit of whatever burden you may be carrying.

The ultimate goal is for us to help each other along our personal journeys so that we build a confidence that will make us capable of taking over the world. We are all amazing and deserve to feel that way. So do us both a favor…join me!

– JadedR